The Painting Process

The Painting Process

After years of renting, you finally say good bye to the landlords’ domination over your home décor.  In your hand you finally hold the key to your own home.

The excitement is oozing through your pores.

Just think, now you can hang things anywhere that you want!  No more waiting for approval on what you might be allowed to paint. Now you get to choose your own colour scheme.

Then … the reality comes crashing down when you realize that you know nothing about the process of painting or how to choose colours!

There is excellent advice in a book called ‘Seven Layers of Design’ by Christopher Lowell. He outlines many things, but important to you right now is … how to pick colours that will complement each other and be perfect for the natural lighting that is in your home.

One thing for certain is that you need good advice, because painting makes a difference.  That can be either very good … or very bad depending on your choices.  It takes time and effort and should not be rushed or you will need to do it all over again sooner than you think.

Get a good primer. Then, apply three coats of paint to give deep rich warmth to any room. Be sure to clean the walls first, especially if the previous owner smoked.

Buy good quality paint. Skimping may seem like an economical idea … but it is not! It may be more expensive at first but the results are truly worth it. Stores that specialize in paint supplies can help with finding the correct tools for the job. They also offer little time-saving tricks if you ask.

Where to Buy Paint in Fort Erie, Ontario:

Fort Erie Paints
Address401b Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1N3

Phone(905) 991-8181
Colour & Design Center
Address: 1233 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, ON 

Phone(905) 871-5061

Oh, if you choose to hang pictures, paintings, wall art of any kind, get Command Hangers.  They really work well and they save filling in holes everywhere if you change your mind about where things belong.

Embarking on the fun of home ownership is a great adventure.

Go slowly. Love the process. It is a lifelong evolution.

De-Cluttering Your New Year

De-Cluttering your New Year

Before all of the Christmas decorations get taken down to be packed away for another year, it might be a good idea to sort through those things in the boxes that have not been displayed for several seasons.

Question:  What do I do with them? Who takes Christmas decorating donations?

This job can be emotionally taxing for many of us because there are so many memories attached to the gathering of each little treasure.  Will our children want to have it? Will it be enjoyed and loved by another family?

In this day of young people just starting their lives together, of newly separated or divorced individuals trying to make something special for their children in each new residence … the cost alone of beginning to make the feeling of a warm, inviting Christmas atmosphere can be unnerving.

Your de-cluttering sacrifice can be a huge blessing to someone else next year. Keeping that positive attitude in mind will make the painful decisions much easier.

Everything that you didn’t use this year can be donated. OUCH! I know … it is hard to say, let alone to do.

Keep what you love and those special things that your children made for you.  Let someone else enjoy what you have been privileged to use for many years.

Happy New Year!

Suggested links:

The Salvation Army Thrift Store: Address: 84 Wintemute St, Fort Erie, ON L2A 2P1

St Vincent De Paul Clothing Store: Address: 36 Jarvis St, Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S4

Habitat For Humanity Niagara & ReStore: Address: 150 Bunting Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2P 3G5


Kijiji, Free Christmas Items

It’s Moving Day… What to Expect?

Moving Day

A few weeks before the move, you donned your ‘octopus uniform’ and began the enormous task of getting all of the preparatory jobs done.

The family’s belongings have been edited down, donated or packed, labeled and sorted into boxes that have been designated for each room. The post office has been notified and forwarding address cards have been sent.

Canada Post: Fort Erie Location
55 Jarvis Street
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 2S0
Telephone: 1-866-607-6301

Newspapers have been cancelled. Service companies, gas, electric, cable, phone, internet, has been notified concerning both places.

Town of Fort Erie: 905-871-1600

Canadian Niagara Power: 905-871-0330

Enbridge: 905-688-9133

Cogeco Cable Services: 1-800-267-9000

So, what is on the menu for the helpers and the family once you arrive at your destination? They will be tired, possibly cranky and definitely hungry. The children have been registered at their new schools.  (For schools in Fort Erie, check out 

The moving company, or rental van with helpers and equipment have been settled.

Some moving companies:

2 Men & A Truck: 905-641-2636

Bird’s Moving: 905-682-2646

Harvey Moving: 905-688-2125

 Arrangements have been planned to safely contain the animals until settled in your new accommodations. The former house has been scrubbed so that your reputation will not be tarnished and now it is time to climb into this new adventure.

Before anything is unpacked it is a good idea to have previously researched the local take-out/delivery restaurants. Workers are more cheerful when they are appreciated and their bodies are fed.

When it comes to your Fort Erie dining options, make sure to check out:

Once the first half of the job is done, make beds and relax with the family and friends.

Tomorrow will bring the rest of the story.

A Story by My Mom about our Christmas Memories

I wanted to share this story that my mother wrote for the Fort Erie Observer Paper about our Christmas experience!

Here is the link for the website:

The Christmas Pie

By Jacqueline C. Anderson

Bill and Minnie Winn, my English grandparents, made many happy memories for me in their little house at Christmastime. I remember the warmth, the music and the atmosphere of exciting family gatherings. It was always so much fun to be able to see all of my cousins at one place.

Individual families spent Christmas Day at home but on Boxing Day, my parents with their five children, together with my mother’s sisters, their husbands and all of my myriad cousins gathered for what we knew as “Grandma’s Christmas Pie”.  How it got the name I’ve never learned.I’m nearly 73 now so you realize that things were done very frugally back then. Our ‘needs’ were always met but the ‘wants’ became dreams. Dreams seldom became ‘reality.’

Just walking into Grandma’s house transported us from our daily norm into a magical world. Every corner seemed to be full of pretty, sparkly decorations that were tucked into the most unusual places. The welcome of hugs from the grown-ups and the delightful squeals of children’s laughter greeted us from the minute we got our boots and coats off.

The longest table I’d ever seen was set up in the living room with tablecloths and beautiful centrepieces.  Grandma called it the ‘groaning table’ and it was full of all the specialty treats that she’d been preparing for weeks.  Her fridge was the back porch where most of the food was stored. My aunts would be constantly running back and forth refilling empty platters.

We all sat down to dinner together (kids at a separate table) and everyone had a Christmas cracker which we pulled at the same time.  Tradition demanded that we wear the silly paper crown hats and save the little decoration from the outside of the cracker which Grandma would use to embellish gifts next year.

Once everyone was all accounted for, the main event began. We were finally allowed to peek inside the other room to see a huge refrigerator box that had been decorated so prettily.  It was ‘The Christmas Pie.’

Inside the box, and overflowing, was a mountain of gifts that Grandad would be handing out.

Each gift was wrapped in plain tissue paper. The front page of last year’s Christmas cards became the ‘To/From’ and the pretty card added even more interest to each gift. The little bits of holly berries from the year-old Christmas crackers were somehow fitted into the bows.  Love was poured into each wrapped gift. Even getting mittens was exciting!

Parents were stationed strategically to gather the bows and ribbons and to fold the wrapping paper which would be used again next year. We were expected to try not to tear it. That also added to the fun.

Years later, I learned that Grandma began making a new pair of hand knitted mittens for every child on the day after the New Year began. Her efforts were a labour of love. I’ve often wondered if anyone ever realized it. Children seldom get excited over mittens.

At the time that Grandma began the mitten project, Grandad went to each of his daughters’ homes and collected all of the outgrown, broken, unused toys, dolls, bikes or roller skates. He took them to his workshop and spent the entire next year refurbishing them to be handed out in the next Christmas Pie … another huge labour of love. Each child got two gifts (that he had resurrected), plus the mittens (from Grandma). We all knew that all gifts were from both of them.

As the years passed, some of the eldest kids started to recognize their former toys and it became part of the fun to see who got what … and how it was changed or painted.

Both of my grandparents knew how to work as a team to make the impossible happen. In life, their profession was to work as a cook and butler for very wealthy families.  They used their skills and knowledge to pass along a lifestyle that is separate from the moneyed.  They taught whoever would listen, how to make the best of every opportunity.

Grandma played the piano and all the family’s cheerful (often off-key) voices sang familiar carols.  I miss the sound of the piano music in our home.

It was such a wonderful time in my life and has coloured the way that I prepare for Christmas.

So if you come to visit, look for the little things.  Coloured balls that have lost their hangers are now nestled in a glass vase … that no longer can hold water because of the crack in it … along with sparkly fabric and small ornaments that could not be hung.  Sprigs of berries are tucked in places that you might never even notice.  Nothing gets thrown away. It gets re-purposed.

It’s become my fun each year, to try to create new memories for my grandchildren.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Public Libraries in Fort Erie

Public Libraries in Fort Erie 

It is amazing how tricky it can seem to be, just establishing your intention to become involved in your new hometown.

Here is a suggestion. Get a library card. 

Not only are you able to take advantage of the various opportunities that each library in the Greater Fort Erie area has to offer, but once you begin to do local business, you are often asked to present spontaneous proof that you live there.  Simply taking out your library card shows that you are already invested in your town and suggests that you are a trustworthy potential patron.

Each library has its own list of programs that are targeted to help you learn about any current activities concerning the immediate area. Local history is always interesting.

The library can become the ‘fun’ hub of learning for your entire family and the chance to meet new people.

Happy researching!

Where are the Fort Erie libraries located?

Centennial Branch

136 Gilmore Road
Fort Erie ON
L2A 2M1
P: 905-871-2546

Crystal Ridge Branch

89 Ridge Road South
Ridgeway ON
L0S 1N0
P: 905-894-1281

Stevensville Branch

2508 Stevensville Road
Stevensville ON
L0S 1S0
P: 905-382-2051


Pets and Their Needs in Fort Erie

Pets and Their Needs in Fort Erie, Ontario

When it’s time to find a new home, one consideration might include the needs for your family pet, particularly for your dog.

People live much longer than their pets so the big purchases, like a new home, should primarily be made with the human occupants in mind since it will be a long-term investment.

That being said, animals do have certain needs. Have you looked into finding a home with a fenced-in yard? Invisible fencing is also an option, provided that the service to train your dog is included. While getting fencing is seldom inexpensive, the peace of mind and the safety that it provides makes for a happier owner, neighbourhood, and pet.

Fort Erie’s Friendship Trail offers interesting options for the daily walk. Both the owner and the dog can enjoy the beauty of nature while keeping doggie’s boredom at bay. A side benefit is that a satisfied dog is usually much calmer and less likely to bark you out-of-favour with your neighbours.

Once established in your new home, a visit to one of the local dog parks  is a good way to get the inside scoop from other pet parents, about the best places to go for groomers, veterinarians, pet supplies.

Meanwhile, now you and your little pooch have made a friend or two.



Fort Erie Animal Hospital
315 Walden Blvd
(905) 871-1653
Lakeshore Animal Hospital
25 Queen St
(905) 991-9847
Borderview Veterinary Hospital
1104 Thompson Rd
(905) 871-4366


Big and Small Pet Grooming For All
(289) 320-8647
Just Paws Pet Salon
(905) 991-0800
Groom ‘N’ Zoom Services
(905) 658-1553
Grooming By Tara
Just Paws In’s

Pet supply stores: 

Pet Valu- 310 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1M7, (905) 994-0857

Minor Bros- 2736 Stevensville Rd, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0, (905) 382-7878

Dog parks: 

Sugarbowl Park – 100 Gilmore Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 3T8

Canine training: Pepp K-9 Training Services- or (905) 933-8801

Invisible fencing: INVISIBLE Fence BRAND OF Niagara- or (905) 646-9944

Looking to Buy in Fort Erie? Where to Stay When Here!

One of the more pleasant ways to learn information about a potential new home-town, is to plan to stay for several days at one of Greater Fort Erie’s many Bed and Breakfast Inns. Here are just some Fort Erie Bed & Breakfast Inn options:

Lakeshore Bed and Breakfast 
667 Lakeshore Road, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1B8 • (289) 320-9907
The Cobbled Path Bed And Breakfast
3738 W Main St, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0 • (905) 382-1963
Yellow Door Bed and Breakfast 
254 Elmwood Ave, Crystal Beach, ON L0S 1B0 • (289) 377-8409

House hunting can be daunting. You will have seen several homes, gathered information, and your brain will feel as if it is on overload. Retreating to a quiet comfortable place to sort through all that you have discovered is the kindest way to begin the task of elimination.

After a few days you may have found some very pleasing options.

Many local details are seldom found during internet searches but people that live in the area enjoy sharing their town with others. Over a delicious home cooked breakfast, you may discover that your friendly innkeeper may have insights that might possibly influence your decisions.

Meanwhile, what could have been an arduous task has become a happy experience.

366 Fairview Road has a NEW PRICE of $414,900

366 Fairview Road in Fort Erie has a NEW PRICE of $414,900.
You are one call away from making this lovely raised bungalow in desirable Crescent Park location yours! Close to beach, walking trails, schools & so much more! Home features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths & full basement with second kitchen & walk out. Great opportunity for in-law setup or accessory apartment. Park all your toys & vehicles in this large attached double car garage.
To book a showing or for more details, please visit

Did you hear? LED Streetlight Conversion Saves Town Over $320K in 2017

In 2016, the Town converted 3,175 streetlights to LED (light-emitting diodes). The conversion resulted in $323,063 energy consumption and maintenance savings in 2017 when compared to 2015 results.

“The project is expected to pay for itself in 7.5 years based on the current energy price. Since LED streetlights have a life expectancy of 25 years, energy consumption and maintenance savings should result in an additional $5.25 million from 2025 to 2041,” said Kelly Walsh, Director, Infrastructure Services.

The $2.24 million LED streetlight conversion project was approved by Town Council as part of the 2015 Capital Budget.

“By investing in this project, we were able to improve our Town’s environmental footprint, save money and avoid committing to any long-term financial obligations,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “LEDs require significantly less maintenance and energy than the old high-pressure sodium bulbs; therefore, allowing for sustained savings over the next 25 years. The plan is to reinvest those savings in the Town’s roads, sidewalks, storm sewers and bridges.”

In addition to consuming less energy, LEDs produce a cleaner, whiter light that improves visual acuity and community safety. The beams of LEDs are also more concentrated on the roadway than traditional streetlights, which in turn help reduce light trespass.

For more information about the Town’s LED Streetlight Conversion project, please contact Kelly Walsh, Director, Infrastructure Services, at or 905-871-1600, ext. 2400.


*Retreived from MEDIA RELEASE (June 4, 2018), from the Town of Fort Erie Newsletter

3955 Alexandra Drive in Crystal Beach is SOLD!

Have you heard? Another Property SOLD!

Congratulations to both my Seller & Buyers on 3955 Alexandra Drive in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Are you thinking about Selling your Home in Fort Erie? Give me a call today at 905-651-3279 for your FREE Opinion of Value! #remax #lovemyjob