De-Cluttering Your New Year

De-Cluttering your New Year

Before all of the Christmas decorations get taken down to be packed away for another year, it might be a good idea to sort through those things in the boxes that have not been displayed for several seasons.

Question:  What do I do with them? Who takes Christmas decorating donations?

This job can be emotionally taxing for many of us because there are so many memories attached to the gathering of each little treasure.  Will our children want to have it? Will it be enjoyed and loved by another family?

In this day of young people just starting their lives together, of newly separated or divorced individuals trying to make something special for their children in each new residence … the cost alone of beginning to make the feeling of a warm, inviting Christmas atmosphere can be unnerving.

Your de-cluttering sacrifice can be a huge blessing to someone else next year. Keeping that positive attitude in mind will make the painful decisions much easier.

Everything that you didn’t use this year can be donated. OUCH! I know … it is hard to say, let alone to do.

Keep what you love and those special things that your children made for you.  Let someone else enjoy what you have been privileged to use for many years.

Happy New Year!

Suggested links:

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Habitat For Humanity Niagara & ReStore: Address: 150 Bunting Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2P 3G5


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