Public Libraries in Fort Erie

Public Libraries in Fort Erie 

It is amazing how tricky it can seem to be, just establishing your intention to become involved in your new hometown.

Here is a suggestion. Get a library card. 

Not only are you able to take advantage of the various opportunities that each library in the Greater Fort Erie area has to offer, but once you begin to do local business, you are often asked to present spontaneous proof that you live there.  Simply taking out your library card shows that you are already invested in your town and suggests that you are a trustworthy potential patron.

Each library has its own list of programs that are targeted to help you learn about any current activities concerning the immediate area. Local history is always interesting.

The library can become the ‘fun’ hub of learning for your entire family and the chance to meet new people.

Happy researching!

Where are the Fort Erie libraries located?

Centennial Branch

136 Gilmore Road
Fort Erie ON
L2A 2M1
P: 905-871-2546

Crystal Ridge Branch

89 Ridge Road South
Ridgeway ON
L0S 1N0
P: 905-894-1281

Stevensville Branch

2508 Stevensville Road
Stevensville ON
L0S 1S0
P: 905-382-2051


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